About us

The YOUNG MUSICAL TALENTS FOUNDATION was established in 1996 at the initiative of Mr. Yavor Dimitrov, pianist and composer, current president of the Foundation.
The Foundation set as its goal to support the creation, distribution and development of Bulgarian musical art. To enhance the distribution of Bulgarian musical heritage models.
To conduct charitable activities on projects in the field of art of music, performance art and concert activities, directed at the young generations.
To support the education and artistic advancement of gifted children and capable young performers in the field of music.
To contribute to the progress of the international cooperation within the spheres of musical creativity, performance art and concert activities.
It grants financial support, fellowships and competition prizes also through target donation.
It arranges and holds the Young National Talents national competition.
It arranges and holds reviews of piano duos.
It publishes specialized literature, audio and visual records.
The Foundation is maintaining cooperation relationships with related organisations, agencies, institutions and physical persons with a view of attaining its goals.


Mr. Yavor Dimitrov
18, Dukatska Planina St., 2nd floor, Sofia
0888 236 253